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Kate Michanova

Marketing specialist

I'm using workabox since 2014. In total, service suits my needs well. The service can easily handle the set tasks. It has intuitive and comprehensible interface, every entrepreneur and worker easily understand what's going on. In case of issues the tech team answer very quickly.

For me, it is the main retail service that meets the challenges of today's market. A lot of marketing tools, reporting, management of customer database, support for ePOS-terminals, checkbooks printers, barcode scanners. It has a wide range of marketing tools that help in my everyday work.

Tomas Raskin


One of my favorite repots is the sales report. I don't need to walk around the store and look for «holes on the shelves» or manage it in the notepad. Even more - it is possible to find out the most sold items and increase their purchase.

With workabox there is no need to call the seller at the end of the day, and ask: «What was the day today?» Or forcing the seller to send SMS messages to show the balance in the cash register. All this can be determined at the end of the day at the appropriate time when accessing workabox via internet, which is not a problem in today's world.

The interface is simple enough and can be easily mastered in a quite short time.

Managing user rights is brilliant. We don't give the cashiers additional information and show them only that they need.

In conclusion: no installation (except workaox.POS, but it's not complicated) and connecting to many devices, allowing to perform any operation on virtually any device. Upon the establishment of the business is very convenient, it is possible to import any data from Excel. During the first two weeks we've made about 600 entries to the catalogue and printed around 2400 labels with bar codes and prices.

Excellent support from the workabox team.

Peter Moravec


Several years ago we pondered to automate our network using good software. And we couldn't make a choice for a long time. The options under consideration were either too complex and expensive, or primitive and without a hint of development. None of the proposed systems solved our problem completely, and integration with other means were very limited and "clumsy".

Due to the promising prospects for the development of functional, as well as due to the fact that the developers have experience in the service of automation systems, retail and trade marketing, our choice was given to workabox. In addition, we are very interested in the ability to integrate the service with back-office and CMS. In the future, all that is expected in service.

As users of the service, we can already share some impressions of it. Nice clean interface that is easy to be understood by people. People who are accustomed to a more "classic" interface, will have to learn,  ut it wont take much time. We drove the entire commodity and financial records on paper, but now we are happy with an opportunity at any time to obtain information on the balance of goods and sales. And with the necessary details.

Managing our inventory that counts about 10 thousand items is easy and price changes are smart (now the cashiers are notified about the price changes, which significantly reduces the risk of errors).

Finally, we have the opportunity without any organizational efforts to conduct sales and promotions, as well as to manage the discount system.

We look forward to the release of the new version of the workabox service, where there will be even more useful features.

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