About the workabox project

workabox - is a team of like-minded people, which makes it easier to retail.

While other companies want to cover all areas of business, we focused on the problems of retailers. Experts of the company implemented a number of projects in the sphere of trade and we understand the difficulties you face every day.

Therefore, the team has developed workabox web service for retail automation. This cloud solution allows you to automate your business for a few minutes and without the huge expense.

Our goal is to make retail easy!

Project workabox - this cloud solution available on the model of SaaS (Software as a Service - software as a service) and "locked up" for retailers. Work with the application goes through your web browser.

Users take rental software and recurring costs are minor. This model has several advantages over the "box" software:

Application adapted for remote use from anywhere in the world - if only had access to the Internet. .

Payment is collected in the form of either a monthly fee or based on the volume of transactions - and payment for the month of using the product is usually equal to 1/24 of the cost of similar "box" product.

Technical support is included in the payment.

Modernization and updating web-application is smooth and transparent to all existing customers.

Chance of losing personal data many times smaller - primarily due to the exclusion factor of equipment failure and human factors ("data theft").

workabox operates on limited time, the trial business model. You have the ability to use the program for 14 days. During this period, you can use the full functionality of the program, as well as a paid version. After this period you have to terminate your access to the service.

Retail has never been so easy!

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