When your business has started to grow

workabox is a complete solution for small retail businesses. Service retail entrepreneur solves problems related to increasing customer loyalty, increasing sales and simplify the process of sale.

The system has its own back office, the possibility of which allow small businesses to fully automate sales, marketing campaigns to organize and run a loyalty program.
But what if you're already using the program for the store, and do not want to work the new system prevented the existing data? workabox avoids the problems associated with the preservation of data. Firstly, the use of cloud service in no way affect the existing IT system. And secondly, the server workabox are in a data center in Germany, all the data are backed up.
In the case when the business began to grow, opportunities for back office workabox may be insufficient for a large enterprise. A simple solution to this problem is to integrate the cloud front office workabox from the system back office SAP Business One.
This is not as difficult as it may seem.
With workabox, small and medium sized retail easy exercises everyday processes retail: retail sales, creates and uses marketing tools, leads trademark registration. And when it becomes necessary a larger back office, it is possible to connect external information systems to the front office workabox.
In turn, SAP Business One will support the business processes of back office: inventory management, purchasing, inventory and pricing, finance and service will track customer relationships.
SAP Business One supports the ability to create the necessary financial statements, which are easily uploaded to the accounting system of your company.
And now I come to practice
Setting the integration of these two systems through SAP Business One «module data exchange" with workabox. Communication module with workabox set in SAP Business One as a standard plug-in and ready to use immediately after installation.
To get started you must:
· User`s integration module "Settings", specify the settings for connecting to existing businesses workabox (address, login, password).
· Install identical objects of the two systems:
· Groups of goods;
· Prices;
· Cashier;
· Warehouses;
· Suppliers.
Specify the business partner SAP Business One when you import the results of retail sales in workabox (it will be used as a "retail buyers (generalized)."
After the parameters and settings links on the pages of an integration module "Communication. Export "and" Communication. Import "performed the necessary actions that are repeated in the systems SAP Business One and workabox.
Workabox of service in SAP Business One the following information: products, incoming payments, retail sales, returns from the buyer, and in SAP Business One gets information such as the movement of goods to the warehouse, the movement of goods in the store, outgoing payments, price lists .
To implement the new requirements associated with the practical work of business logic plug-in module data exchange with workabox can be further expanded.
What will the integration of systems for retailers?
· Integration of SAP Business One with the cloud service workabox will optimize license cost and improve the management of retail sales in the enterprise.
· The use of these products, such as single software package to manage the trading activities of the company, to minimize the cost of qualified IT-specialists.
· Integration of SAP Business One and workabox automates the exchange of all relevant data that will quickly and efficiently transmit information on retail sales of front-office accounting system.
· Keeping track of all information about the client and internal resources, will significantly increase the level of customer service at each call, ensuring long-term relationship.
· Proper distribution of proceeds will lead to optimization of financial flows, strengthening financial stability and flexibility to respond to new opportunities.
· With the growth of the business is not required to move to a new solution that will not be possible to "grow".

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