Simplifying sales with POS

Your cashiers are still working on the POS interface with DOS? Sales reports are available only in the end of the shift? Or cash position and not computerized?
Hence, the sales process runs longer queues more, and the money comes less than it could. Plus, the need to monitor the theft of funds forced to incur additional costs.

Manipulation with receipts, invoices scam when you return or exchange the goods - this is an incomplete list of methods used by unscrupulous personnel for fraud management.
With workabox about these issues can be forgotten thanks to the Cloud and thoughtful approach to workflow at the checkout.
How does this work
Make sales with workabox easy - just install an easy application workabox.POS, or use the web interface.
First of all, you must download workabox.POS. To do this on a PC or laptop to be previously installed a free add-MS Silverlight.
If you are working with a cashier for you the main thing - mobility, for example, when visiting trade, you will approach the sale using the tablet on Windows or Android in the mobile version of the cash register.
To configure the application workabox.POS need to use the button "Settings". To print sales receipts should be noted the "Print receipt" and specify the printer and paper type. In the settings you can also make a preliminary calibration barcode scanner and configure operation in offline mode.
To get started with workabox.POS cashier must enter the username and password that is used when logging in. Then you must specify the cash position, which is used.
For registration of sales and discounts need to add a product to sell. To do this, use the icon "Search". Find the desired product. "Favorites" button allows you to quickly add to check one of the most popular products.
If the item was added to the bill by mistake, it is sufficient to note it tick and click "Delete." There is also the "Clear" button, which deletes all previously added.
To find out more information about a product that has already been added to the order, you must double-click on it.
If the customer provides a discount card or gift certificate, the cashier must simply count inflicted on them barcode or enter it manually.
Scanned marketing tools if necessary can be removed by clicking on the "cross" on the other hand (for example, under the mistaken scanning).
To provide managerial discounts and avoid theft, in a few clicks workabox set access rights for employees (designated the "control" - "Group employees").
Once the check is generated, click on the "Total", which displays the total amount and size of discounts. Completion of the purchase by clicking on "Pay" button.
Upon the sale of the reserved goods workabox.POS simply issues a warning.
Upon the sale of the goods ordered before the cashier should use the "Orders" and find an appropriate order. If the item was for prepayment, the system will automatically deduct it in the formation of the purchase price.
Return of goods is made in the "Return". Search sales made by its number or date. Select the desired sale, open it and tick mark returned goods. Then click on the bar "Total". Specifies how the money back to the buyer and confirm the action.
To complete the application you want to use the button "Exit".
Important! workabox avoid multiple returns.

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