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Retail business owners often wonder - how to boost sales in its stores? The answer lies in the elimination of barriers between the store and potential clients, the use of new sales channels and simplifying the process of buying.

Leap into the future for you to become a cloud service workabox. This product is an all-in-one solution that solves several problems retailer. In this case, the installation is quick workabox and without prejudice to existing computer systems company.

You will receive the cloud center of trade management (accessible from any browser, anywhere in the world), the current cash position (each sale immediately taken into account in the service), tools of trade marketing, loyalty programs, as well as access to new sales channels.

Attract more customers, keep their customer base, increase loyalty and, as a result, sell more.

Get all this is very simple - registration and setting workabox only takes a few minutes. For your convenience, we have prepared a step by step instructions.

To switch your business to the next level, you must perform the following steps:

Step 1: Sign up. Create the structure of the company. Indicate the degree of subordination.

The data was entered in the "management" of offices, retail outlets, warehouses. If you own a franchise network, enter it in the system.

Short name of the company is given only once, change this setting later impossible.

But the change of name, address or phone number, etc. possible. To do this, go to "Administrative Tools" - "Information on the Company" - "Basic data" - "Edit".

Step 2. Determine the group of employees, add new users and set permissions for them.

Set of rules set by the administrator. He defines who have access to some operations, products and document types.

To create a new group (or edit an existing) should go to the "Manage" - "Group employees" - "Create". You page appears with a list of all possible actions in the system. Add new users in the section "Control" - "Employees". Employees may have the status of "actual" and "NOT relevant."

Remove once registered user impossible. workabox forever keeps important data like products, users and PTT, leaving only the possibility to change the state.

Step 3. Define the structure of commercial directory for your retail. Fill it with nomenclature.

This is the main part of retail. Directory should be given maximum attention. Workabox service allows you to manage the trade directory with a complicated tree structure. This is necessary if the store sells a wide range of different product groups.

Work on nomenclature reference begins with determining the structure of commodity groups: "Settings" - "Product groups" - "Create". Specify the name of the group and its inherent attributes (properties). This is done via the menu "Settings" - "Product groups". Specify the name of the property and its type. To customize the display of product groups there are such things as "Model" and "modifier". "Model" allows you to combine items for general properties and set a single image for all goods model, and the "modifier" allows you to add new properties, specifying the goods. If the product group is not used, give it the status of "Archive".

Manually create custom directories: "Management" - "User manuals". The main point of his name, then you can add a lot of new values. Directories can be filled in automatically when you import data from a file Excel.

Once ready the structure of commodity groups, you need to fill them with goods. Trade directory is available via the menu "Control" - "Goods" - "Create".

The transfer of goods from one group to another is done through the menu "Control" - "Goods". Open the group from which you want to move items, select all the necessary (manually or using the tool "Filter"), then click on the button that appears "Edit Group".

Step 4: Get the goods from suppliers and distribute it to stores and PTT.

Add suppliers: Procurement "-" Suppliers ". Adding a new supplier is carried out manually with the button "Create". Suppliers can have two states: "Introduced" and "Archive". For registration of goods received from suppliers, you must use the menu "Purchase" - "Come goods from suppliers." Need to make basic data and specify the list of goods received. This can be done manually by adding products from the nomenclature directory and file import through Excel. In order to made product names considered in stocks, document the arrival of the goods must be assigned the status of "Completed".

Returns are available through the menu "Purchase" - "Return of goods from suppliers." And orders over the "Purchase" - "Orders to suppliers." The procedure for registration of these documents is similar to the design document of the parish. Please note that the stocks in this case is not specified as recipients as well as senders.

Form the orders. There are internal orders and orders to suppliers. For the formation of internal order must use the menu item "Inventories" - "Internal orders". The system can help in determining the list of ordered goods and calculating its amount. For this is the function - "Calculation of the order."

workabox service is also able to receive and process orders from customers. Creating an order via the web interface is made through the menu "Sales" - "Orders from the buyer." When an order is issued to the buyer, is formed on the basis thereof "Retail".

Step 5: Create the price lists.

The service workabox value of goods is determined by the price list (PL), which are then used in the PTT or the movement of goods between warehouses. Edit the submarine can only trade manager, employees PTT such rights have not.

Working with submarines is carried out in reference PL ("Control" - "Price"). When you create a new document automatically entered all products, except those that have the status of "Archive".

Prices easiest way to import a file from Excel. Select stores that will be used this submarine. About change submarine employee PTT service report automatically. He will need to print price tags and use the "Apply prices."

In order to quickly find all products with the changed prices, easy to use tool to "Filter". Simply select the "price changes" - "Changed".

Speaking of pricing, you should definitely talk about revaluation - the procedure for changing the retail price of goods in the upward or downward.

The easiest way - just change the retail price for a product or group of products in a submarine.

Step 6: Pick up for yourself marketing tools.

Workabox service allows you to use marketing tools such as: discount card, gift certificate and a coupon for a discount.

For several types of institutions MI one category is the reference book "Types of MI." For example, coupons, which provide different percentage discounts or gift certificates of different denominations. In order to determine the type of MI, you must select the menu "Marketing" - "Types of MI."

Market shares are created through the menu "Marketing" - "Market share". To do this, use a ready-made templates, or "Wizard". After MA created, you can proceed to issue "Marketing" - "Emissions of MI."

Step 7. Install the cashier. Connect and test equipment.

workabox allows us to perform cash transactions using the web interface as well as the application workabox.POS.

Link to download the application is on the title screen service workabox. To configure the application workabox.POS need to use the button "Settings". If you plan to print receipts, mark the "Print receipt" and select your printer and paper type.

In the main settings window mode is determined and the cashier.

Additional equipment to work, you must install the driver. Driver settings is done via the menu item "Tools" - here you can remove the driver, stop it or restart.

"Updates" - here you can check whether you have the latest version of the driver, and if not, update it.

"Print Settings" - for printing checks note "Print receipt" and select the type of printer, specify the desired model from the list in the "Printer Name" and Asking the appropriate printing options.

"Configuration" - here the main settings hardware drivers.

"Weighing equipment" - connect the trade balance, and check the "Connected".

Step 8. Carry out the sale.

To get started with workabox.POS cashier must enter the username and password, specify what kind of settlement space is used, and click on "Take the cashier."

To add an item to sell you must scan the barcode scanner product or enter it manually in the appropriate field and click "Search". Click on the desired item to add it to the shopping list.

If the customer provides a discount card or gift certificate, the cashier must simply read the barcode tool.

Once a check is made, click on the required bar "Total", specify the type of payment "cash or non-cash" - "Pay".

Upon the sale of the goods ordered before the cashier should use the "Orders" and find an appropriate order. Procedure shall be followed, if the order was issued on the store in which the cash register. If the product has been made for the prepayment, the system will automatically deduct it in the formation of the purchase price.

Refund is made in a window that is triggered by clicking on the icon "return". Select the desired sale, open it and tick mark returned goods. Then click on the "Total" indicates a method of refund to the buyer and confirm the action.

To work in offline mode, you must set the appropriate settings. To do this, you must tick the "Settings" - "Allow work in offline mode." When working offline can only design the retail sales and the provision of managerial discounts and clearance sales of prepaid products.

Try workabox and ensure comfort on-line accounting of goods, variety of marketing tools and choice of sales channels. And also - learn analytics tool and reporting in workabox, to assess not only the results of operations of the enterprise, but also to understand the reasons.

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