More sales!


workabox contains a set of tools that allow you to sell more goods, without much effort and with minimal marketing budgets. This will include discount coupons and sales - the most simple methods to increase sales. To sell seasonal goods, increase speed and Attract customers with new tools from workabox.

Start a sale is simple:
Clearance - the easiest marketing tool workabox. For products that fall under the sale is not subject to other types of discounts, and they can not be paid for with a gift certificate.
Step 1. You must use the tab "Marketing" - "Market share", click "New" and select "Sales".
Step 2. Enter the name and date of the event.
Step 3. See "Percentage discount", which will be provided to the goods involved in the action. In the "Information message" You can leave a clue to the cashier, he sees the sale of goods.
Step 4. To add a product that will participate in the sale, click on the "Add". If the sale will participate all the goods, then click "Create MA". The sale must be assigned the status "Running".
Creating sales you will take a maximum of 3 minutes.
In the days of the sale is expected influx of customers. To see whether you have enough goods in the midst of the sale, use the tab "Reports" and select the "Remains of the goods."
That's all sale begins!
Retailer, which opened a new store, you need to attract customers. In such a situation will release coupon codes.
For the release of coupons you will need:
Step 1. Open the tab "Marketing" - "Types of MI", fill in the appropriate fields and click "Save".
Step 2: Create a marketing campaign (MA) with coupons via the menu "Marketing" - "Market share". In this case, you can use the "fast creation of" filling in the MA card required parameters. You can also use the mechanism of "wizard" in which the institution MA broken by steps and is provided with a detailed description. The second option is suitable for novice users. Rapid creation is performed in one step, but requires the user to understand the marketing terms.
Step 3. We use the wizard to create a "Discount Coupons". Indicate the name and date of the action undertaken.
Step 4. Specify on what goods will be given a discount on the shares. If the stock does not act on all items, add to the list of required items and click the "Create MA".
To AI launched, you must put it the status of "Running". At the same time, you can still edit the completion date for the renewal of the stocks and the field "Information Report". The action is considered completed after she put the status of "Completed". A state of "Cancel" allows you to suspend any MA, regardless of the specified completion date.
Step 5. The procedure is carried out by means of the emission menu "Marketing" - "Emissions of MI."
At issue must be added to the document "type Mi" ("Add" button) that you want to issue and indicate their number - 1 pc. After saving the entered data, it is necessary to establish the status of the document "Completed". This will generate a new unique MI barcode system.
For established as a result of emission of bar code, click on the "Print" button. Discounts involved in one stock, have the same barcode.
If the buyer has a discount card issued by your PTT, the discount is added to it at a discount coupon. And the buyer is doubly beneficial. Therefore, he will try to buy more from you and not your competitors. If discount cards yet, you put them into profitable turnover, in addition to the coupon.

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