More loyalty!

Customer Loyalty is key task of the marketing department, including a mandatory activity for retail companies. The most affordable option to increase loyalty and customer retention is to create a loyalty program. As a rule, small businesses do not even think of such a possibility, because it may cost too much and be difficult to implement. But with the help workabox such restrictions are lifted, and now all the stores can run their own loyalty program.

Gift certificates, discount savings and bonus cards - this is a great tool to increase profits and customer loyalty.
In workabox their creation will take a minimum of effort. You get a large retail marketing capabilities, although they had previously been inaccessible due to the high cost and complexity of implementation.
For example, using in your store gift certificates, you get the following advantages:
· A simple way to increase turnover by selling certificates.
· Opportunity to acquire a new customer, and make it permanent
· Selling for an amount greater than the gift certificate - simply offering additional products.
How to create gift certificates?
Before starting the action necessary to create a "Type MI - Gift Certificate."
Next, you need to use the tab "Marketing" - "Market share" - "New" and select the Wizard "gift certificates" to see the process of creating the system prompts. Specify the name and date of the action undertaken.
In the context of the action, specify its parameters.
Finally, assign a unique barcode. To make this issue gift certificates. At issue must be added to the document "type Mi" ("Add" button) that you want to issue and specify their number.
For emissions created as a result of bar code, click on the "Print" button.
When selling the PS to scan its barcode, it is automatically added to the bill as a commodity. In turn, re-scan of the SS (to pay for other purchase) will be given a discount of the face value of the SS. PS used is automatically locked. In one sale can be used several MS. For each value of SS must bring a separate action. If you are using PS and discount card at a time, beginning a discount on the SS, and the remaining amount - discount on the DC.
Workabox service also provides retailers the ability to create marketing tools such as:
Discount cards (including name) - this is not the only tool that encourages customers to buy more and more. They create the image and prestige. Then the client falls into the category chosen in advance to obtain information on new supplies or having to buy any product at a discount.
Discount cards (DK) with a fixed discount. In carrying out such an action, customers receive cards, providing them with the right to receive fixed prices, the amount of which does not change with time. If you need to provide the customer with a big discount, you will need to give him a new card.
DC with accumulative discount. From the previous, this action is different in that the discount rate is gradually increased to the extent that the client makes a purchase in a store or stores.
Bonus loyalty program - a set of AI built on the scheme of bonuses for the purchase and use of accumulated bonuses for partial or full payment of subsequent purchases.
How to create them is similar to the institution of a gift certificate.

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