More customers!

Retailers must not only fight for new customers, but also to retain existing ones. And not just have - are required! Acquisition costs per customer equal to the cost of retention of five. So why pay more?
The basic step in building management system is to maintain the loyalty of the customer base. With the service workabox sellers an opportunity to begin to conduct customer base for small businesses without additional investments.

Workabox marketing tools allow us to identify regular customers, identify customers who have not made the purchase for a long period of time and implement effective incentive programs aimed at returning customers.
Buyer's Guide, which is maintained in the service, allows you to see the entire history of customer purchases from the receipt of the client card and receive data on the frequency of purchases, the amount of purchases of each customer, date of last purchase.
Determination of the total amount of purchases allows you to select the most profitable customers and make every effort was on their retention.
Where to start?
By default, the service has already given the basic properties of clients: full name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, address and so on. N. To fund this list marketers need to update the directory of buyers. This is done through the "Settings" - "Properties of buyers." Properties can be of different types, such as strings, numbers, or dates. For example, it makes sense to start the optical field which will indicate the client's perspective.
When a marketer decided with all the "properties of buyers," you can begin to work with the Buyer's Guide ("Marketing" - "Buyer"), introducing new clients or editing existing data. It should be remembered that the number of regular customers is governed by the terms of the tariff plan, under which the company operates.
If customer data entered is incomplete, it can be given the status of "Control", thereby indicating that the later desirable additions. Here it should be noted that the terms of the tariff plan takes into account only the clients with the status "Introduced" and "Control". If communication with the customer, for whatever reason, stopped, its status can be switched to "Archive". The number of clients is not limited archival.
The card customer can find several tabs, each of which allows the marketer to view additional information about it. Thus, the tab "Sales" lets you know when and how he made the purchase, while the tab "return" to report all produced returns. A tab "MI" will see the related marketing tools and add new ones, by entering their barcode (either manually or through the scanner). There you can find information about the MI, which belonged once to the buyer, but were subsequently removed, for example, are replaced with new ones.
In the "Reports" marketer can find two statements: "Buyers of goods" and "Sales". The first allows you to get a list of customers who purchased a particular product in a given period of time specified in the PTT, and the second - allows you to analyze granted for a particular commodity prices.
When you create a report just enter all the necessary data (eg, period, name of product or object storage) and click on the "Build report". Any of the resulting reports can be saved as a file Excel ("Print" button).

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