Managing inventory

Most of the current assets of retail companies incorporated in inventories. Errors in the procurement of goods lead to misallocation of resources, which should be avoided. Retailers have problems with expired goods, a reduction in customer loyalty, freezing working capital appreciation goods.

Proper inventory management allows companies to meet the expectations of our clients, as well as affect the profit growth of the retail business. Otherwise, errors in the organization of stocks can lead to poor economic performance.
How to manage inventory distribution network, increasing profits, making long-term projections take into account the commercial demand spikes?
You will need:
Service workabox, which allows you to manage inventory (TK): from interactions with suppliers and monitor availability of goods in the network to receive new revenues.
But let's start with the range. Fill the "Product Directory" item.
workabox allows you to manage the trade directory with a complicated tree hierarchical structure. For this group, and the subgroup generated goods and the goods themselves together in the model and acquiring personalized characteristics.
In workabox three types of orders: orders to suppliers, internal orders and orders from customers.
domestic orders
For the formation of internal order must use the menu item "Inventories", select "Internal orders". Items to order, you can add both manually and importing them. Quantity and price of goods can be edited manually.
In drawing up the internal order, the manager can use the tool "Calculation of the order." With its help it is possible to approximately determine the necessary goods and their quantity. Several internal orders can be combined with each other.
order to the supplier
On the basis of an internal order is created order to the supplier. To do this, open the document internal order, select the "Create" - "Orders to suppliers." Thus, one can create a new document, but of a different type, containing all the internal orders.
Movement of goods between objects Storage
In some cases, in the absence of goods in a particular PTT, you can not order it from a supplier and simply redistribute balances between stores.
To move goods between warehouses should use a bookmark menu "Inventories" and select "movement of goods between warehouses." The word "stock" here means the object storage, including point of sale.
Service workabox able to receive and process orders from customers.
Orders received by phone or e-mail, the company can issue through the Web interface. To do this, go to the office, and select "Sales" - "Orders from the buyer" - "Create".
There you can view the orders made by the buyer on their own through self-service terminal, or else check the orders received from the online store InSales.
Through the instrument of the "Operations", you can specify a price list used when ordering.
When the "Order of the buyer" has received state "form", "Confirmed" or "Shipped" of the selected items in it formed the reserve. Accordingly, if the number of orders, the reserve is formed from the sum of items in them. However, this does not take into account the combined orders to avoid erroneous doubling of data.
A provision shall in no way affect the historical accounting balances on the account object.
These discounts are automatically filled in accordance with zavedёnnymi in the marketing actions.
Information on the number of reserved goods is displayed not only in the preparation of the order, and in the reports "Reports" - "Remains of the goods" - "Provisions of the goods."
On delivery to the buyer, formed retail. You can use either a web interface or application workabox.POS.

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