Adding omni-channel!

In place of the multi-channel concept comes «omni-channel», the center of which - the same buyer in different sales channels. For which it is important - a single range, single price, single loyalty card, valid in all channels, and the purchase is fast and as comfortable as possible, at a convenient time and place.

It is in this area develop their networks of large retailers are investing significant investment. What to do smaller companies to keep up with the times? The answer lies in the use of cloud omni-channel service workabox.
You will need:
To implement this strategy in its retail network needs service - a specialized set of tools for omni-channel retail and marketing. workabox established to implement these tasks small and medium-sized retail businesses, including everything you need:
QR-promotional, self-service, interactive showcase
QR-promo - a way to instantly order goods via QR-code and smartphone. Retailers an opportunity to use a new sales channel in combination with the original advertising campaign, and the buyer - the ability to order your favorite items in the "two clicks" directly from his phone.
The algorithm of creation:
· The plant in service QR-promotional campaign.
· Select the products that will be sold via QR-promo.
· Create an original design of advertising and marketing campaign (for example, when reading the QR-code the buyer gets the opportunity to purchase goods at a discount).
· Enter the period of the action.
· Generate QR-code in workabox and get a picture with the encrypted information.
· Place the QR-code on the selected advertising medium.
The code number is encrypted, recovering SMS to which a customer will order goods. As a result, the buyer gets a new channel for their purchases, and the retailer - customer's phone number and instant sale.
For «omni-channel» fit another tool sales from workabox - interactive showcases, information kiosks.
The advantages of using self-service terminal for the retail sector: advertising medium and dynamic interactive catalog store, reflecting bestsellers, promotions, discounts, and the rest of the range; opportunity to demonstrate multimedia content; a means of questioning clients - no longer need to bother with paper forms, and all the answers immediately entered into the database; virtual point of presence of the brand - a small area you can talk about your product a lot of people.
Workabox.infokiosk application has an interface adapted for touch screens.
General settings are common for all kiosks enterprises are carried out through the web interface, through the "Settings" - "Settings kiosks."
In the window that opens, in the tab "Basic settings", the user can select the color scheme and upload your company logo.
If the self-service terminal is installed in the store, the data from the prices are taken from the price list of the store where the equipment. If available virtual point of presence of the brand (for example, in the shopping center) - the price list is selected in the "Basic Settings".
Goods of nomenclature directory missing at the moment, are indicated under "Display in out of the network."
In «E-mail for feedback" prescribed e-mail address that will receive complaints and suggestions of customers.
Screen infokiosk configured on the "Home Page." In the window that opens, you will see a set of interactive buttons that are displayed on the screen and used to call a consultant display advertisements and enter the catalog. Most of them can be customized by simply clicking on them.
When creating a new IR, press "Create" button, specify its name, interface language, the store where it is installed, as well as e-mail, used to invoke the consultant. If the IC is used outside the store, then the corresponding field remains empty. In the settings you specified, and also the price list from which to catch up with the price.
When all the data is entered and saved, will the button "Set Infokiosk", after clicking on that key infobox will be tied to your account. To disable the self-service terminal you need to press "Remove Link" in the same menu.
Work with product catalog
The main point of the interface in the interface workabox.infokiosk is "Catalogue", clicking on which opens a list of products or product groups.
In the description of the goods, by clicking on the "Select" item will be added to the list of desires, and the button "Search in other stores" will find out which stores this product is available.
All orders made through self-service terminal, displayed in the web interface: "Sales" - "Orders from the customer".

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